Our vision is to present PixelProperty to the public outside of the boundaries of the digital world. We plan on accomplishing this vision by bridging the digital cryptocollectable world with the real world through various products and services. The first and primary product for our ecosystem is PixelProperty.io, The Evolving Blockchain Canvas. Upon completion of PixelProperty.io, PixelProperty will be integrated into a live updating billboard to showcase the Evolving Blockchain Canvas. This billboard will be the first of many steps in bringing a real world representation to digital blockchain Properties.


The PixelProperty Team is run by three Canadian entrepreneurs: Carson Roscoe, Jaegar Sarauer, and Arthur Pankiewicz. Two of the lead members, Carson and Jaegar, are undergoing separate year long blockchain research projects at British Columbia Institute of Technology as the final task in achieving their software development degrees, of which currently Carson blogs the progress of on Steemit. A fun fact about Jaegar is that he had been on the set of Dragons Den, a CBC Television show, for a previous entrepreneurial adventure when he was twelve years old. Arthur is currently working as a professional software and full stack web developer.

Jaegar Sarauer
Carson Roscoe
Arthur Pankiewicz